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Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Pambos, Mar 17, 2011.

  1. Pambos


    Guys i will like to express the problem that i have with formula 1 on rfactor. Few years back i was playing F1 challenge 99 - 02 with RH 2004 mod for those who know it. I am not very good in setup but from the once that i was downloading from the internet and i was using them i was fast, even some times after i was changing something on the setup i was going faster than the one i was downloading. Anyway. After i had switch to rfactor i had notice that i have lost compare to other drivers (I am playing online racing), about 2 - 3 seconds per lap. I have try it everything without to able to reach the times that they are doing. Some of those guys they had watching me on the track and they say that my driving is good but the times are still 2 - 3 seconds slower. I had spend many and many hours driving and testing but no results. My question is that, is this has to do with Force Feedback ? If i play without force feedback i will improved (Actually i prefer force feedback you have better feeling of f1 car), also the cockpit camera can be moved forward and backward also up and down , which is the best position that i must have it ? I have download setups from the internet and i try them but without any suggest. Can someone help me with this please ? I don't know what else i can do
  2. Robert Woodward

    Robert Woodward

    to find the best seat position try looking at the FOV tutorial ( http://www.racedepartment.com/rfactor/38273-setting-up-your-rfactor-fov-tutorial.html ), when you get it right it makes it so much easier to get apexes, braking spots right and everything looks more realistic, its best used with triple screen because you will lose some vision left to right but you can usualy just find a compromise between perfect FOV and being able to see more, you could just try changing it to 40 in rfactor settings which good for most mods.
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