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  1. alexrockmola


    Is there any tool or something to get a preview of my helmet? I only have the texture, but I would want the preview, how?
  2. Mahad


    You can use 3DSimED3. Open driver.kn5 and choose proper texture.
  3. Henky SA

    Henky SA

    use 3DSimED, open either the driver.kn5/2016_driver.kn5 located on /content/driver folder. make sure you create a folder for the texture map. or you will get an errors due to textures missing.

    some note, the driver.kn5 has HANS model, the 2016 hasn't. but texture applications and names are same.

    sadly you cannot export helmet only, means only the entire objects can be exported in 3DsimED. because when i try to display/split only the helmet model the objects (suits, gloves, face, and helmet) are combined into one (but you can see the sub-object). unlike the previous AC installment before the new 2016 model introduced.

    unless you want to create suits and gloves skin too, you can leave it as it is. just convert it to OBJ (explained below)

    if you're ready, export the object to FBX or 3DS. i suggest FBX so you won't be bothered by missing texture. all the textures are together exported but you need to assign them first in the texture map folder when importing.

    if you have Photoshop with Extended version, only 3DS or OBJ are supported. if you want to create 3D Photoshop helmet template by your own, you need a bit extra effort. you need 3DSmax for this. bring the FBX/3DS to 3DSmax, delete the DRIVER:suit, DRIVER:Gloves, and DRIVER:Geo_Driver_Face sub-objects. now you will have only helmet model. merge the DRIVER:HELMET_SUB0, DRIVER:HELMET_SUB1 and DRIVER:HELMET_plastic into one mesh in order to not make it troublesome in PS (if you don't merge them to one mesh, you need to apply the PSD into 3 sub-objects, if you merge them you only need to apply one).

    after all set, export it to OBJ with 3DSmax button -> Export -> Export (Export non-native file...etc) and choose the "gw::OBJ-Exporter (*.OBJ)" and choose the desired folder to save it.

    now you will have 3D helmet template in Photoshop for fast preview. open PS and drag the already exported OBJ file into the project. you can paint there but make sure you set the texture/PSD first.
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  4. Ryno917


    You can also use the custom showroom in AC Content Manager to view the driver, and crew, models.

    Textures will auto-update when you save, as well.