From Sim Racing to Track days!

Brendan Little

Mar 9, 2012
Thought I'd do a quick thread on my track days as couldn't see anywhere to post my videos (please feel free to correct me with a link). Been racing sims for years from the lonely keyboard days and the old Momo Logitech and sidewinder days (Midtown Madness!). All before I could get my hands on a real steering wheel mated to a real car!

Anyhow, been into Motorsport and cars since I was young, excited to pass my test and get driving. Started with the slow Fords, and moved my way to the faster ones (including a 320bhp Ford Focus RS MK1 I took to the ring!) when a house purchase killed my fast car ambition and money pits. About 3 years ago my dad and I where looking for a joint venture hobby and he mentioned track days and one thing let to another and we started to track his MK Indy Kit Car (ZX12R engined!) however, it was good on the tight slower tracks, but on the faster longer tracks its top speed of 110mph and its acceleration meaning it got there pretty quick (0-62 in 3.2secs) really left us with only a few choice tracks. Our mechanic told me I was a manic when I asked him to change the gearing so its top end was 140mph and that a simple 'off' could result in loss of life, we agreed to sell that and move forward with our current car a BMW E36 Saloon. Bought the car off a guy on Pistonheads which came with a full build thread and loads of bits a bobs. Idea being we would use this and if we really got into it we would trade up again and build something more in regulation to the FIA and join a race series. Unfortunately I've kind of fell in love with our old E36 work horse and she loves all the attention we give her! She came with a Alpina engine which we used for 1 season and then swapped it out for the larger 3.2 Evo M3 engine which she has in now. We found with the Alpina she was a bit sluggish out the corners and meant we where always being help up. However, this car wasn't build with speed in mind and was all about cornering and braking. When I first to her for a shake down at Brands Hatch to see what we had bought I was overtaking soo many cars in the pouring rain that I kept pulling in to see what was wrong and if I was breaking the rules. After this I was hooked and knew we had made a great choice in cars. Over the years shes had bits added here and there and had a few offs and one larger one at the Nurburgring when a tyre let go round a corner and I couldn't catch it. But all in all shes been good to us and instead of upgrading her we are going to look to re-shell her into a newer shell end of this year in our full company Livery (might be a competition I could do on here!) but sticking with the saloon so we can turn her into a full Super touring car from the 90's. Get her up to FIA approval and we can look to join the track day trophy or Kumho Cup and take it to the next level.

Anyway, boring bit over, heres some videos.
Little spin after missing 4th and grabbing 2nd!
And one of only two of the Focus at the ring (miss this car so much!)

If you want to see the off at the ring, PM me and i'll send the link. Due to the ring being the ring, if you post up crashes you tend to get a bill in the post! (they tried to charge us for a barrier we didn't hit!) but happy to give it out.

feel free to post your videos up, always love watching track day videos!