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Friday 9th October 2009 - Mini Friday

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Reik Major

Nov 12, 2008
First of all thanks to everyone for fair racing, also whilest lapping!

Was my first time with the minis on this track. Felt good very quick and hit a very clean lap for P1 in qualy (1:31:9xx).

I got a good start to defend 1st. Dariusz followed me making pressure. Two laps latter i had a little mistake and he catched 1st. Now i followed him and wanted to wait how things develope. But some laps later Dariusz made a bigger mistake and i earned back the lead and never lost it again. From this moment on it was a more than 60 mins race against my decreasing concentration and the clock.
Very long time i thought Dariusz is hunting me, but some laps before the end i noticed it was Philip.

@Philip: reading your report, i wish you had have more time to practice and qualy, so we could have fighted against each other. I noticed the pressure in the end, when the gap was constant, so your pace must have been very good.......

thx again to everyone involved! :skywalker:
Feb 27, 2009
It's was a long time ago, that i've driven these cars and it felt quit good.
Qualify 12th place 1;34250, but it was not fast enough????

I could almost make this race with one set of tyres....but the fuel was empty.
I go from place 12 to 7 to 14 and ended at place 11th.

Nice Track, because it's DUTCH :woot2:

Next time Zandvoort?????

Nigel Atkins

Jan 3, 2007
well what a night to forget, was using`s Dan`s setup for most of practice then tried Steve`s which felt lots better and i found an extra second.
qualified 6th with 2:33.7 nailed the start and sailed past lewis and going into T2 side by side with Dan for 3rd place when an out of control Bart took us off (already had an apology by PM). later that lap i collided with another car which suddenly lagged, then ran into the back of Freddie when he broke where i wasn't expecting it. now i had front end damaged as well as rear end which made the car very unstable and after a couple of cut warnings i got a S&G and managed to get another on my in lap which was the final straw and i spat my dummy out and quit :curse:

Chris Sykes

Sep 13, 2009
Hi all,

I would like to apologise for missing lastnights race, I lost my internet connection and had to wait for an engineer to fix it.

Hope all had a good race.
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