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Friday 17th July 2009 - Mini Friday

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Andrew Evans

  1. Andrew Evans
  2. Freddie Besems
  3. Oliver Wickens
  4. Nicolas Hamilton
  5. Rob Goldthorpe
  6. Bart Snijders
  7. Mtommi Tam
  8. Bjorn de Haas
  9. Adam Vaughan
  10. Claudio Caferri
  11. Nigel Atkins
  12. Graham Clemenger
  13. David Buxton
  14. Neil Tennant
  15. Mike Hill
  16. Kennett Ylitalo
  17. Kevin Ledoux
  18. Nuno Areias
  19. Christian Lyngbye
  20. Pieter Theron
  21. Péter Bártfai
  22. Driver
  23. Driver
  24. Driver
  25. Driver
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Adam Vaughan

Nov 11, 2008
Hi guyshshshs. Andrew i dont no if I should sign up for this as danielles due the next day. Not that itl happen that day but i dont wana take someones spot n then not turn up. But then if she doesnt and i havnt signed up then its her fault and shel be eliminated from this earth via easy jet planeshshshs yeshshssh???????????????

Andrew Evans

well, i'll sign you up and you can always sign-out before hand if she experiences a gentle popping sensation.... :nod:
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