Bradley Wint

Jul 2, 2008
Need a next generation steering wheel, well try out the FrexGP SimWHEEL. It takes professionalism to a next level, and when they take about force feedback, they mean it.

Take a look at this demo video.

Here is some interesting info
The Force Feedback is very strong and it turns very fast if it is to be compared to ordinary gaming wheel devices on the shelves, So we recommend you to start with 25% Force Feedback strength which you can set up in the menu. The best force feedback strength is dependent on the diameter of the wheel you have attached and the type of car you are driving.
Do not let children play with force feedback ON. Please keep children at a safe distance when you are using this wheel, as it could hurt them.
We do not accept or imply responsibility for any personal injury or damage caused by this device, use it at your own risk.

FREX Force Feedback Wheel SimWHEEL
Features and Specifications:

*Optical encoder for precision and years of use for wheel axis.
*Very strong force feedback at max setup and it is adjustable by software in menu.
*Ideal for real car simulator and race drive training purposes.
*Rotation: Maximum Lock to Lock 1080 degrees. Full 3 turns of rotation, 1.5 turns right and left from center.
*Mechanically adjustable to any degrees. (you can mount the SimWHEEL unit upside down, and adjust the steering wheel to be the right way up!)
*16 button switch control output. The connector and switch wiring is same as our PRO wheel adapter and WheelBox+.
*Output connectors for our Sequential shifter "Shift+" and Handbrake "Handb+" for PRO model. (Same wiring as used by the Driving Force Pro)
*Pedal output: Gas, Brake, Clutch individual 3 axis control which can be used with any sensor or Potentiometer DC3.3V, HallMagPOT DC5V, HydroBRAKE DC24V.
*Force Feedback On/Off switch.
*Power AC 100V-240V world wide. (Set includes US type plug cable. PC or PC monitor's 3pin power cable for local electricity will be needed in other countries)
*Standalone PC USB device.
*Compatible with Windows Racing Games.

Drivers are for Microsoft Windows XP.
Drivers for Windows Vista are under development.
For more info, check out the FREX website.

Jamie Wilson

Jul 30, 2007

Mine was dispatched the other day; it's just entered the UK - should be here soon. :D


A dream...G25 for the moment..when i'd have enought money...

Jose Cesar

a very expensive one, but it is really good. I didn't regret in buying it... and seems it will last for many years