FREX sequential shifter, hyd bake pedal, sprung throttle, sli-m

Brian Clancy

Hi Guys n Gals

Anyone here using the FREX SHIFT+ seqential shifter? I'm just starting to plan out a cockpit/controls and am seriously thinking about this shifter, so it would be great to get some feedback on quality, delivery, feel etc

I have opted for a Logitec Driving force GT wheel over the G25/27 route as I am disabled and would find the clutch difficult to use. The FFB seems very good for the price and the upto 900deg rotation is wonderful (I'm using 425 at the min) BUT the paddles/shifter is awfull. As I dont/wont use a clutch a decent seqential set up would be best for me.

As for pedals, the fanatec clubsports look great for the money (any views) but I'm thinking of making my own 2 pedal setup myself. I have been thinking along the lines of using a real hyd master cylinder connected up to a real caliper (with some steel sandwitched between the pads) to give the right feel to the brake pedal and a sprung gas padal using the Leo Bodnar SLI-M to take the data from the pots.

Any advise/ideas would be greatly appreciated :D

Maybe its also best to look in the topic. show your cockpit. Most interesting for you.

post 1100, you can see something made with a leobodnar 386x.

For shifting you can use for example a multiple turning switch. R, neutral, 1st, 2nd, 3th, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th. plus one extra non. so 10 positions. you can see one on the photo. So you have to be able to make a round movement with yr hand of course. but maybe it is an idea.

The extra non on the switch is that you must be able to adjust these settings in gamecontrol. So one position is not attached to the BU386x
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