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Sell Free to pickup: Old gameracer rig


I'm not sure anyone here is really going to be interested in this, but I figured I'd put it on just in case.

Sometimes it's really nice to be wrong. Looks like it's already found a new home :D

I'm having a tidy up and getting rid of my original rig if anyone near fancies popping over to pick it up (I'm in south leics - UK - apologies, I meant to put this in the title, but forgot and now I cannot edit it...)

It's a bit tatty, having had a bit of abuse from my fat backside and I've also had some fun butchering it.

There are some additional holes to accommodate a G29 wheel as well as the G29 pedals when they are removed from their original plastic base.

I tried to reinforce the pedal plate with some metal struts, but I didn't realise I had run out of gas and so the joints are a bit of a mess, but they do actually hold. Unfortunately, it still not strong enough to stop it from flexing with a load cell.

The central pillar makes it awkward to reach the middle pedal. I ended up putting the brake where the clutch was.
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