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Frame rates in Full Screen

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by captcrash, Jan 23, 2014.

  1. captcrash


    Hi All. In both F1 2012 and F1 2013 I have a problem with frame rates. Running the game in its smallest window (800x600) I get 28 FPS which is absolutely fine but anything larger I only get 12 FPS which is completely unplayable. I have 21" monitor and didn't really fancy playing the game in a 8" window! Besides this I cant read the menus in such a small screen. Even moving between menus is slow in full screen.

    My system is Win7 32bit
    AMD A8-500 APU
    4GB RAM
    G-Force NVidia 210 (1GB)

    Any ideas why I get such sucky FPS?
  2. Jonathan Rowland

    Jonathan Rowland

    Your graphics card is the main thing responsible for fps in games, regardless of how good all your other hardware might be, if that isn't up to the job you'll struggle to get good frame rates.

    Check the recommended system requirements and see if yours meets them. From what i know about NVIDIA cards, yours is a lower end spec card, so i would say that is the problem, but obviously check that. If that is the case only way to better better performance from that would be to upgrade it