FPS problems

Basically I've been having some problems running the game on anything above medium settings and even on ultra low the FPS is terrible when I'm in the pits/when there's animations playing on screen. Basically what I'm asking is if it's a game optimization problem or is my graphics card just not powerful enough? Changing some settings within nvidia 3D settings/inspector seems to help to get a few extra frames in game but not in the pits.

CPU: 8120
GPU: 750ti (FTW)
12GB ram


imo the game is either badly optimized or not getting near the juice out of the engine it could. the difference in graphics from the last engine is not at all equivalent to the downgrade in performance.


Definitely not a problem with the 750ti - I use it paired with an AMD A8 and it runs at 40-50ish FPS on high. Not sure how much better/worse your CPU is compared to mine


I would look at whats running in the background, go to Windows Task Manager and see if anything else is chewing up resources for a start, make sure your virus checker is ignoring files in the Program Files (x86) / F1 2015 folder.

With that CPU, graphics card and ram you should be in the high settings.
Sorry about the late reply guys. I run advanced system care with turbo mode turned on so there is nothing on in the background that isn't needed. I've discovered that my monitor decided to turn itself onto 59hz instead of 60 so I'll give it a go again tomorrow and do some benchmarking (not sure if the in game benchmark is still broken so I'll use fraps)
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