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May 15, 2008

Entry List

What is this?

This is the Entry List thread of the Formula Pro European Series also known as PrestoGP.
Before you enter, please read carefully all information pertaining to the league --> info

Post a reply to this thread with the following information:
Driver: [name]
Team: [not compulsory]
Car Type: [car from the 2007 season or custom livery]
Division:[preferred division 1/2]
Introduction: [previous entries and results of the team/drivers]

Available default liveries to choose from: There are 11 car models from the 2007 Formula 1 season and 13 liveries

  • Ferrari F2007
  • McLaren MP4/22
  • Toyota TF107
  • Honda RA107
  • Spyker F8-VII
  • Williams FW29
  • Super Aguri SA07
  • Red Bull RB3
  • Toro Rosso STR2
  • Renault R27
  • BMW Sauber F1.07
  • 1997 Jordan-Peugeot (based on the Spyker)
  • 2009 Brawn (based on the BMW)
We will to a large degree use last seasons results in determinding which division a driver will end up in. If you have not been racing with us before, we will judge you from your general pace. The main idea is to get the 25 fastest drivers in the top division.
May 15, 2008
Driver: Nicolai Nicholson
Team: Team Norway
Car Type: Hopefully custom, if not Williams
Division: 1
Introduction: You know who i am :) 3 seasons in Presto GP + beta season. Best race result, 2nd place.

Alex Galyutin

Dec 21, 2009
Driver: Alex Galyutin
Team: Team Russia
Car Type: Doesn't matter, but Spyker looks nice :)
Division: Hopefully 1
Introduction: One year of simracing. One season in Russian F3000 League (4th overall, 10 races --> 3 podiums), One season in PrestoGP F3000 Division 2 (2nd overall, 10 races --> 6 wins, 3 poles, 7 podiums)

Dinca Andrei

Dec 22, 2009
Driver: Dinca Andrei
Team: No team
Car Type: Toyota TF107
Division: 2
Introduction: I was a driver in Division 2 last season.Not to good results,place 12

Anthony Ishak

Dec 26, 2009
Driver: Anthony Ishak
Team: Aqua Vista Racing
Car Type: Ferrari F2007
Division: 1
Introduction: i was driving in div 1 as SuperAngelo , my best result 14th.
Dec 7, 2009
Driver: Paul Crawford
Team: 05F1
Car Type: 05F1 Custom Skin
Division: 2
Introduction: Completed over 30 races on race2play.com with good success, never raced on Presto but would love to start this season.

Noel Spence

Mar 3, 2009
driver noel spence team? red bull division2 introduction hi formerly lemon from the presto league pacific , came second this year under false pretences a bit slow but at least i am consistent , looking forward to these fast things

Valerio Vinassa

PrestoGP Veteran
Dec 24, 2009
Driver: Valerio Vinassa
Team: no team
Car Type:Super Aguri SA07
Introduction: Season1 position 11th point 11, Season2 position 9th point 24, Season3 position 7th point 41 on PrestoGP F3000 Division 2. I was driving as Vale58

Mattia Gottardi

Jul 25, 2009
Driver: Mattia Gottardi
Team: Team Italy
Car Type: Toyota or Renault
Division: 2
Introduction: On PrestoGP Season 3 Division 2 with F3000 i finished 9th overall (best race result was 2nd place), in RDFOC Season 1 Division 2 with F1 i finished 12th overall (with only 2 races and the best race result was 4th place).

Valter Ostman

PrestoGP Veteran
Sep 22, 2008
Driver: Valter Ostman
Team: Team Sweden
Car Type: Any livery is OK, I hope for a custom team look, but I can't create it
Division: the administration can decide where I belong
Introduction: I have run three seasons with the Presto GP League division one, results 19, 14 and 18
Sep 3, 2009
Driver: Jochen Lenaerts
Team: Racing For Limburg
Car Type: Toro Rosso STR2
Division: 2
Introduction:I Have run lots of clubs races and i take part @ the league RDLMS in the team Racing for Limburg

Bert Poesen

Oct 3, 2009
Driver: Bert Poesen
Team: Racing For Limburg
Car Type: doesn't matter, but prefer torro rosso
Introduction: Running some clubraces on RD, participating in the RDLMS series where we finished 4th overall and 3th place in the P2 class

Romain Gouzon

Driver: Romain Gouzon (Rom1g78 on Presto)
Team: No team
Car Type: Jordan Peugeot or Renault.
Division: 2
Introduction: i do some seasons GT and NGT on GTR1/2 with "HFR league".
The race "24heures virtuelles 2007" (GTR2) on a GT3 RSR
by Otaugames, Hfr, Team.Motorsport.
Presto GP F3000 1st season in div 2, Presto 3rd season in div2 (finish 7).

Bruno Sousa Ferreira

Strategy Mister!
Jul 19, 2009
Driver: Bruno Sousa Ferreira
Team: N/a
Car Type: custom livery
Division: well I was racing in Div1 so hopefully I can stay there
Introduction: Been racing in the Presto Gp. 3 of its official seasons that they had, one in division 2 and two in division one, plus the high pressure qualy races. plus to that I have done 3 races over here in RD FOC in div two. Most should know who I am, if you don't read the signature. :)

Jonathan Dupont

Driver: Jonathan Dupont
Team: Racing For Limburg
Car Type: Ferrari f2007
Division: 1, i guess
Introduction: Joined some club races, the 8 hours of rdlms, i've worked in a real racing team so i know how to setup a car.

Per Andersen

Jul 8, 2008
Driver: Per Andersen
Team: Team Norway
Car Type: Hopefully custom.
Division: 1
Introduction: Im known as Buggie02, raced in 1st division Presto GP, best race result 1st place (season 1,race7)​
Dec 21, 2009
Driver: Janek Grabowski
Team: No team yet
Car Type: I´ll try to build my own, if not , I´ll pick a Williams
Division: 1 (I think I´m fast enough)
Introduction: It´s Sferik, I just joined Presto GP

Robert Adair

Driver: Rob Adair
Team: Privateer
Car Type: BMW Sauber F1.07
Division: 2
Introduction: After my first season with PrestoGP, I finished fourth in Div. 2.