Found 2 "bugs" from previous games - Will 2015 be worth it?

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    I have found two quite hilarious "bugs" from previous games (F1 2013 and 2014).

    The first bug occured in F1 2014 while driving qualifying, I had collision with Hamilton and both me and Lewis lost tyre -> DNF. I continued to the result screen and what I saw Lewis was holding the pole... and this happened in first lap while noone haven't putted laps time on board.

    Second bug happened today in Canadian grand prix. My grid position was 18 since in qualifying I failed to get decent lap time due fast forwading time and the rain was all over the track. In the race I changed my strategy to one stop, but in the opening lap I was able to loose both end plates from my front wing. That cost me quite alot time but managed to do 16 laps with prime tyres until I made a rookie mistake. In the first turn I usually have seventh gear but in that lap my tyres were badly worn out I wasnt able to get on the sevent gear and went way too late to the brakes. Well I tried to keep my car on track and accidently switched to reverse... Another 15 seconds were lost. No big deal I kept going and used two sets of options tyres and literally flied throught the track lapping 1.14.### laps. In five final lap I was able to get two penalties +20 seconds. I managed to keep Rosberg behind me so I wasn't lapped car unlikely cars behind me. In the result screen I looked my position and it was ninth. Cap to the front 1.47.341. In final lap cap between me and car behind was greatly under 20 seconds.

    What I have seen teasers from F1 2015 it looks pretty good. But if it's same old staff wrapped on new shiny metal plate that would be huge disappointment for me.
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    That's because quali laps are generated by the game, not by the AI cars on track. They're just there to get in your way.
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