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@Wotever Maybe Simhub can use this

With the launch of the June CU for Forza Motorsport 7, we're including a new Data Out feature, which outputs a UDP data stream which players can now take advantage of. This is the same technology that powers the motion sleds that Turn 10 uses, but the possibilities are endless. For those interested, here's a look at the parameters:

Telemetry output sends data packets for outside use by third parties. Designed for motion sleds, dashboards, data logging, etc. You can use it for whatever your imagination desires. This one-way UDP traffic is sent to a remote machine at 60fps. Localhost data streaming is not supported.

The initial data structure is designed specifically for motion sleds. We are working with several peripheral manufacturers and will be adding many more data points in the future.

Input Parameters
The following parameters are now located in the HUD options menu.

• Data Out: Toggles the data output function on and off.
• Data Out IP Address: The target IP address of the remote machine receiving data.
• Data Out IP Port: The target IP port of the remote machine receiving data.

Output Structure
Data is output in the following structure.

s32 IsRaceOn; // = 1 when race is on. = 0 when in menus/race stopped …

u32 TimestampMS; //Can overflow to 0 eventually

f32 EngineMaxRpm;
f32 EngineIdleRpm;
f32 CurrentEngineRpm;

f32 AccelerationX; //In the car's local space; X = right, Y = up, Z = forward
f32 AccelerationY;
f32 AccelerationZ;

f32 VelocityX; //In the car's local space; X = right, Y = up, Z = forward
f32 VelocityY;
f32 VelocityZ;

f32 AngularVelocityX; //In the car's local space; X = pitch, Y = yaw, Z = roll
f32 AngularVelocityY;
f32 AngularVelocityZ;

f32 Yaw;
f32 Pitch;
f32 Roll;

f32 NormalizedSuspensionTravelFrontLeft; // Suspension travel normalized: 0.0f = max stretch; 1.0 = max compression
f32 NormalizedSuspensionTravelFrontRight;
f32 NormalizedSuspensionTravelRearLeft;
f32 NormalizedSuspensionTravelRearRight;

f32 TireSlipRatioFrontLeft; // Tire normalized slip ratio, = 0 means 100% grip and |ratio| > 1.0 means loss of grip.
f32 TireSlipRatioFrontRight;
f32 TireSlipRatioRearLeft;
f32 TireSlipRatioRearRight;

f32 WheelRotationSpeedFrontLeft; // Wheel rotation speed radians/sec.
f32 WheelRotationSpeedFrontRight;
f32 WheelRotationSpeedRearLeft;
f32 WheelRotationSpeedRearRight;

s32 WheelOnRumbleStripFrontLeft; // = 1 when wheel is on rumble strip, = 0 when off.
s32 WheelOnRumbleStripFrontRight;
s32 WheelOnRumbleStripRearLeft;
s32 WheelOnRumbleStripRearRight;

f32 WheelInPuddleDepthFrontLeft; // = from 0 to 1, where 1 is the deepest puddle
f32 WheelInPuddleDepthFrontRight;
f32 WheelInPuddleDepthRearLeft;
f32 WheelInPuddleDepthRearRight;

f32 SurfaceRumbleFrontLeft; // Non-dimensional surface rumble values passed to controller force feedback
f32 SurfaceRumbleFrontRight;
f32 SurfaceRumbleRearLeft;
f32 SurfaceRumbleRearRight;

f32 TireSlipAngleFrontLeft; // Tire normalized slip angle, = 0 means 100% grip and |angle| > 1.0 means loss of grip.
f32 TireSlipAngleFrontRight;
f32 TireSlipAngleRearLeft;
f32 TireSlipAngleRearRight;

f32 TireCombinedSlipFrontLeft; // Tire normalized combined slip, = 0 means 100% grip and |slip| > 1.0 means loss of grip.
f32 TireCombinedSlipFrontRight;
f32 TireCombinedSlipRearLeft;
f32 TireCombinedSlipRearRight;

f32 SuspensionTravelMetersFrontLeft; // Actual suspension travel in meters
f32 SuspensionTravelMetersFrontRight;
f32 SuspensionTravelMetersRearLeft;
f32 SuspensionTravelMetersRearRight;

s32 CarOrdinal; //Unique ID of the car make/model
s32 CarClass; //Between 0 (D -- worst cars) and 7 (X class -- best cars) inclusive
s32 CarPerformanceIndex; //Between 100 (slowest car) and 999 (fastest car) inclusive
s32 DrivetrainType; //Corresponds to EDrivetrainType; 0 = FWD, 1 = RWD, 2 = AWD
s32 NumCylinders; //Number of cylinders in the engine
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Yeah, I have it in my visor :D, sadly this data is really "feedback" oriented, no lap info, no time, no track ... well a lot of vital data lacking, it means it will work but with a really basic behavior (no map, no performance tracking....), obviously that's better than nothing :D