Forza Horizon 3 Revealed and Pre-Order Details

Discussion in 'Forza Horizon 3' started by Paul Jeffrey, Jun 14, 2016.

  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief Staff Premium

    Forza Horizon 3 Pre Order.jpg
    Forza Motorsport have announced details of the third instalment of the popular Forza Horizon game due to hit the stores on Tuesday September 27th. Featuring an impressive 350 vehicles and a variety of pre order bonus content the new Forza title already looks a safe bet to eclipse sales of the previous Horizon instalment.

    Something of a spin off from the usual Forza Motorsport frnachise of games, Horizon lets players enjoy a selection of the in game road and race cars within a large scale open world environment filled with unique and interesting driving challenges and characteristics. Designed to entertain and test a drivers skill and concentration, Forza Horizon 3 is based in the heat of Australia pitching some 350 unique cars against the harsh Australian desert landscape and city roads.

    Forza Horizon 3.jpg

    Forza Horizon 3 comes in 3 packages for players to chose from depending on their budget and content requirements. As well as the generous pre order bonus content players can chose from the "Standard Edition", "Deluxe Edition" featuring VIP membership and the Forza Horizon 3 Motorsport All-Stars Car Pack or the "Ultimate Edition" that allows access to the above content alongside the Forza Horizon 3 Car Pass and allowing access to play the game four days in advance of retail release. All 3 editions of the game will be available both digitally and on retail disc.

    Pre-orders for Forza Horizon 3 will give players access to bonus car content tied to specific retail outlets. Details of US based pre order bonus content have been released and European players are advised to check their local retailers for pre order bonus details. All bonus content cars will be tuned to the top of their class and players will be able to automatically add them to their garage after redeeming the code provided by the retailer.

    2015 Ferrari 488 GTB - Gamestop
    2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat - Gamestop
    2016 Audi R8 V10 plus - Amazon
    2016 Jaguar F Type Project 7 - Best Buy
    2016 Mercedes-Benz C 63 S Coupé - Xbox Dash
    2016 Ford Mustang GT350R - Microsoft Store

    Those outside of the U.S. should check with their local participating retailers to see which cars will be available per outlet.

    You can check out the Forza Horizon 3 announcement trailer below:

    Like what you see? Have a look at the RaceDepartment Forza Motorsport Series forum for news and discussion around the many Forza titles.

    Do you like the idea of FM Horizon? Will you be purchasing the new game? With a substantially increased map size for the third edition of the title do you think Horizon 3 will be a greater success that its predecessor? Let us know in the comments section below!
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  2. Oscar Hardwick

    Oscar Hardwick
    RDTCC S9 Champion Premium

    @Paul Jeffrey is there a date for pre-orders opening? Also any info on whether or not people on the PC will be able to get boxed versions or will we have to go through the windows store?
  3. Globespy


    Lol... here we go again.... The believable job of navigating a million dollar exotic supercar through an Australian forest (with no roads, literally the forest - I've tried this with a custom built off road Jeep and it's a slow, arduous task), and dashing along a sandy beach.
    And the FFB will surely be real, because I'm sure they tested it all.
    For the controller pad, some friends and a case of beer, ok maybe I'd get all silly. But that's about the only possible reason I'd ever pick up this nonsense!
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  4. thatmotorfreak


    Blown away by the trailer on the first sight of the jungles. I've been wanting a high-speed arcadey off-road game since MotorStorm. Makes me wonder why I don't have an Xbox One yet.
    (I've got a W10 laptop but it can barely run Forza 6 with hiccups, even on the lowest settings.)
  5. Nick Gregory

    Nick Gregory
    Forever a backmarker Premium

    I'm considering getting this, but I sure ain't pre-ordering it.
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  6. Grand Tourist

    Grand Tourist
    Enjoying the beautiful world of Assetto Corsa

    Well at least the weather and ambient environment look impressive, but not sure if the same can be said of the gameplay. Emphasis on photoshoot and replays I guess, slow motion and a nice trailer with an inspirational music theme has always worked for this genre.
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  7. Trimaz


    Agree, it's just a racing game and should be treated as such. I don't mind the Horizon series but the key is to not go into it with the simulator mindset. Fire up your Xbox or your lounge room PC and get that controller warmed up because it wont get much better with anything else.
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  8. jlnprssnr


    I'm just really glad they're bringing the series to PC. I'm really looking forward to FM7, FH3 should give them enough time to nail wheel support and optimize it for PC.
  9. Enzo Fazzi

    Enzo Fazzi
    Always sideways Premium

    There are going to be boxed copies for both versions.
  10. ernietheracefan


    Forza Horizon 3: Fury Road..
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  11. jlnprssnr


    Only the digital version will have "play anywhere", since boxed copies aren't tied to your Microsoft ID and they don't want you to resell the disc and still have in on PC
  12. Mr Latte

    Mr Latte

    Sure looks like fun, something games used to be when we were all younger. Perhaps when as gamers we didn't scrutinise every little fault or short coming they had.
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  13. Christian Moreau

    Christian Moreau
    Pretty Fly (For a French Fry) Premium

    Had a go at Forza Horizon 2 on the Xbox One a little while ago. It's definitely a fun game, and now FH3 is going to have a map twice the size of FH2 and 150 more cars than before, so I'll definitely think about picking it up. Hopefully wheel support ends up being good.
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