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Forum Upgraded to v1.2

Bram Hengeveld

RaceDepartment Founder
The forums are now updated with the newest version of the software.

Will post a more extensive changelog tomorrow of what has changed but for now a couple of important things.

  • As expected the custom theme I made for the forums that matched our frontpage (which is another software) is broken and needs to be fixed or redone completely (i think the latter is best but takes some days to build from scratch)
  • Chat, Videos and the old downloads are (temporary) disabled, will see how many people still use the old downloads otherwise ill remove it completely now.
  • Nicely styled postbits for our Premium Members are gone, will have to rebuild them from scratch today or tomorrow. At least asap!
  • The downloads system we have been using for the last months is intact and will receive a small upgrade later on to iron out some bugs but all files and thingies are there and working.
  • Comments system from the frontpage might be bugged and needs a fix tomorrow morning.
  • Frontpage theme and layout will be redone from scratch as well and take some time.
For now the biggest visible change you will see are affecting mobile users. No longer do you have to swipe to make stuff visible as our forum is now 100% responsive and will match whatever device you are using.
For all the old tapatalk lovers that were disappointed with our decisions to remove it recently, now you know why and we hope you are happy with this more modern approach of reading forums for mobile users.

I normally don't ask for donations but in this case we have invested quite extensively into new software and your help would be much appreciated. If you can miss a penny please do chip in as every bits and pieces make a difference to pay for our growing bills.

There have been a TON of changes made and ill do my best to highlight them for you at a later time.

Enjoy this awesome new software and if you happen to run into bugs or you need help with functionality that has changed please drop a line below and ill help you out!
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can I request PSN icons or Xboxlive icons appearing under the avatar in the strip containing the small twitter and youtube etc. logos?
like this (from ARL):

(my cursor is hovering over the PSN icon in this example.)
i think we used to have this before the upgrade. not sure why it's gone.

Bram Hengeveld

RaceDepartment Founder
Jep could be but it will not show for everyone then as those buttons we added to the premium accounts so these members can boost their followers on social media by having something exclusive to show in their post bit.

But I ve noted the suggestion, thanks for that :thumbsup: