Forum changes

Eric. K

As all of you might have noticed the main forum went through a radical change in the past couple of hours. We listened to your comments and suggestions. Many brought up the fact that RD became difficult to navigate with too many forums. What are we all about? Motorsport news, online racing, a modding community, a gaming forum, etc... etc...??? we were trying to focus on being everything at once.

Well, we decided to go back to our roots and the reason why many still gather here: SIMRACING!!

This means the leagues and racing clubs will have more exposure now in top of the main forum, while the general forums and the game forums will be grouped into developer categories to reduce the forums frontpage length.

You will notice some supported leagues are listed directly on frontage while others are under "Supported Leagues" category. We followed this criteria to decide about that:

  • Popularity
  • Live broadcast
  • Number of seasons ran until now
  • League Website

We understand many folks dont like change and we have changed a lot in the past months. Hopefully it is the last time and the latest edition will make RD the #1 SimRacing destination on the web.

Thank you for the understanding.
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