Formula_1_2017 log sheet

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  1. Footwork84

    If it'is not existing, it doesn't break.

    Hello guys,
    this year looking for a nice Formula 1 booklet I was really disappointed.
    Always the same things, same graphics and 10 € to throw out.
    Than I thought to make something on my own, to take trace of the current Formula 1 season.
    At the end of this message you find the link to download the file I am working on.
    I will release updates after every race and it will be uploadable with a macro inside.
    Please, consider that the version you are downloading is still work in progress but will be complete this week.
    I would appreciate your help in terms of:
    • Comments, what would you like to have more?
    • Missing fotos
    • Errors to correct.
    Since I work with LibreOffice, please let me know if you have errors or problems using Microsoft Excel.

    Here are the links, please download it and open the file since the Google online preview does not work very well.
    LibreOffice format:
    Microsoft Excel format:

    I use this file for personal use but if someone is interested I will gladly share it.
    Thank you for your support.