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F1 2020 Formula X- F1 2020 Racing League [PC] [BRAND NEW]

F1 2020 The Game (Codemasters)
Formula X LOGO-01-01-01.png

Before I waffle on, please note this is for the upcoming F1 2020 game due 10th July, so if you do join the discord before then, please understand the league will not start until 2 weeks after F1 2020 release. 2 weeks after release is so that people can adapt to the updated mechanics and have all your setups ready plus learn the new tracks.

I hope this will not stop you all from having fun and making it for a great community in the meantime.


F1 2020 is fast approaching and we are very excited to get racing.

For the new F1 2020 we have set up a PC only league for all you fun, competitive and friendly bunch (PS4 coming soon). Rookie racers welcome!

We are brand new compared to the many brilliant leagues out there but that is not stopping us from providing above and beyond fun, competitive and exciting league racing.


Each season is over 3 months with 12 races with randomised tracks used each season. At the end of the season, there is a Showdown race event for the top racers of each division.

With enough interest, the system will span across multiple divisions on a promotion-relegation basis, so keep your A-Game right up there.

As mentioned above regarding the showdown race event, this will be implemented once a minimum of 2 divisions are full and running smoothly season upon season.



We hope to see you soon and so that you have a taste to what the racing rules are, see below...

Qualifying - Short (18 Min)

Race Distance - 50%

Car Performance - Equal

Safety Car - Yes

Collisions - On

Vehicle Damage - Reduced (helps the non-experienced racers)

Weather - Dynamic

Parc Fermé Rules - Yes

Corner Cutting - Strict

Car Setup - Full

Ghosting - Yes

Rules & Flags - Yes

Race Starts - Manual


Below is the link to the discord, currently discord is the HQ of Formula X (website coming soon).

Formula X HQ