Formula Vee too slippery and triple screen ingame adjustment

Hi Guys
I heard many praises for Formula Vee and I am a fan of skip barber car in iracing so i expected something similar. However after nights of trying the car, it seems to behave like the early slippery versions of Iracing skip barber.. it keep overteers spin out easily... How u guys drive it or is it due to setting? I understand it lacks downforce but isnt it abit too slippery? Or there is a setup to play with? Thanks guys!

Triple screen ingame adjustment issue:
Also hope some expert can teach me how to set the triple screen angle correct in game. GSC graphic on my triple screen caused the car side mirror to tilt outwards and not inwards like a real car.. IS there a ini file for us to edit and specify the angle? Can some expert teach me. As all other games (iracing, ac, codemaster etc) i can get the mirror angle spot on no issue. Thanks.
i think a lot of people overdrive the car at first.the car doesnt like to coast, so get on the throttle very early to stabilize the car and take less entry speed.maybe this helps
well I`ve never driven Vee but guy who raced with it IRL said that GSC:E version behaves pretty much just like the real one (obviously with limitation of FFB) ..
The in-game default for FOV is set to "default" - Options\Display. I run triple screens and use around 35 - 40 degrees for FOV. I asked a similar question when I first installed and ran GSCE.
Hi William can u how to set it better? Any editable config file we can edit? Thank!

Hi Jorn n Ouvert tks for tips
I've not driven the real Formula Vee cars and can't talk about the real physics. But I'm also interested in the real Formula Vee cars' physics and checked the real on-board videos so far.
Here are some videos in which the real Formula Vee drivers spun out.

(Please watch around 0:50)

(Please watch around 9:30)

We can find many other Formula Vee videos on YouTube in which we can see how the real Formula Vee cars behave.
Anyway, "Real vs Sim" is always an interesting topic for us Sim Racing fans. :)
Thank you!
Hi William can u how to set it better? Any editable config file we can edit? Thank!

Hi Jorn n Ouvert tks for tips
I'm not at home so I can't be very specific but in GSCE go to Options then Display - on this screen there is a "Vertical FOV" option. This can be set to "default" or anything in between 1-100.
I think driving this car around corners is all about weight transfer. Try to break early in a straigth line and as already said go off the breaks an on the throttle a tiny bit BEFORE entering the corner. There is much weight transfer going on under breaking and accelerating and you really wont like this to happen while you are turning. Here is a general video about weight transfer:

and here is a video reiza posted on facebook in which you can see your exact problem in real life :D

Just try to be smooth and break early ;)