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Formula Vector @ Spa-Francorchamps

Finally! An on-purpose fantasy car (as opposed to the 2008 Indycar mod, which appears to be willfully ignorant). Jonas Holzapfel 's futuristic Formula Vector (I think this is the look that Indycars should have aimed for) goes like stink, but it feels...unfinished. The steering is kind of numb, it oversteers badly (hence the monumental rear toe-in in the default setup) and the tires are shot after ten laps, but its laptimes are phenomenal! Several corners at Spa that are challenging in real life (like Pouhon and Blanchimont) are barely perceptible kinks in the Vector; even the fearsome Eau Rouge has lost some of its menace. I offer a preliminary ten-lap race setup here; preliminary because I don't know/trust the car well enough to give it full beans (that is, only 90% boost, so adjust your fuel use accordingly). But it's definitely a car to be reckoned with. And it's available right here on RD!


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