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Skins Formula V12 F1 1995 Season 1.1

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mungopark submitted a new resource:

Formula V12 F1 1995 Season - 1995 Skins for Formula_V12

All 13 teams and 26 cars of the Formula 1 1995 Season with several liveries as seen in 1995 for Formula V12.

Known bugs: There is a mirrored part on the right plate of the frontwing on some cars. Nothing to do about it right now, it is caused by the game/template. The left part gets mirrored to the right. Sorry.

This is a conversion of the skins for AMS 1, originally painted by Steven Poirier (Thanks!) and updated by me.


- Download file to your HD and unzip

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game has been updated to version and there it works.

i do not have the beta version.

keep in mind that all the mods have their own formula_v12.xml file which refers to the cars. everytime you switch, you have to copy/paste the right file into the formula_v12 folder. you can only have one season ingame right now.
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