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Formula SimRacing 2015: Canadian Race Preview

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by James Sadler, May 28, 2015.

  1. James Sadler

    James Sadler
    GhostSpeed Racing Manager Premium

    rFactor2 2015-05-28 17-51-10-82.jpg
    Another weekend of racing looms over Formula SimRacing as we head to Canada for the 5th round of the 2015 season, on rFactor 2.

    An exciting race in prospect, with hopefully plenty of side by side action around a difficult circuit that really puts demand on the rear tyres. Whereas, previous circuits, like China, demand a lot from the front left, especially. Furthermore Canada is tricky to master on setup; getting the right balance between top speed and downforce is crucial to a quick lap, especially come race day. Looking at the track facts. Canada consists of 14 turns, 2 DRS zones, that will offer great overtaking opportunities in turns 1, 13 and 14. Also each lap consists of 4.3km. Laps across all divisions differ, Pro (lowest tier) having 60%, Ace (middle tier) having 80% and WC (top tier) having 100% of the full race distance. This equates to 42, 56 and 70 laps. The first broadcast of the weekend kicks off with Ace at 16:30 GMT on Saturday 30th May. Then on Sunday 31st, 2 races will take place. Pro starts at 13:30 GMT with FSR’s top division following on at 16:30.

    Now looking back at Bahrain, which was the previous round for FSR. The first race of the weekend was Ace. It usually offers a lot of great racing that is both exciting for viewers and commentators alike. Unfortunately, Bahrain didn’t live up to what FSR has produced in previous rounds. If you want to see a great race and what FSR has to offer look no further than Malaysia, with both myself and Jeroen Kweekel commentating. Click here to view the start of the FSR 2015 Malaysian Ace Grand Prix. Daniel Kiss won the Bahrain grand prix in absolute domination for Twister Racing and really showing he has got some great pace to challenge for the title. Especially since he has won all 4 rounds in Ace. Can anyone stop him? I had an interview at the end of the race with Kiss, so click here to listen to what he had to say. Pro next. FSR’s very own Ace commentator has also won all 4 rounds, like Daniel Kiss. Showing fantastic calm and composed driving that no one has been able to match so far in the races this season. Although Nikodem Wisniewski has beaten Jeroen on pace in Qualifying but just hasn't managed to beat Jeroen in the race. He is also a fantastic driver that will no doubt develop overtime in FSR. Finally to Formula SimRacing’s top division… World Championship. Twister Racing, dominant and defiant best describes them. They are dominating FSR like what 5 time constructors championships Precision Motorsports did a couple of seasons a go. Twister Racing have a fantastic driver lineup for 2015 and Croatian driver Peter Brljak took victory at Bahrain, a fantastic effort from him and Jim Parisis, who rounded off a 1, 2 finish. Third place was Polish driver Kuba Brzeziński, a stella drive from him. Can anyone stop Twister Racing, Daniel Kiss and Jeroen Kweekel winning at Canada?

    So with round 5 taking place this weekend, hopefully you can tune into the live broadcasts and watch some fantastic racing that Formula SimRacing has to offer. During the live Ace broadcast at Bahrain, a poll was setup, to rate the live broadcast on Youtube. 87% of the participants thought that the broadcast was either good or fantastic. Hopefully you can enjoy all the broadcasts this weekend, so grab some popcorn and enjoy the ride.

    Live Stream and Live Timing:
    Watch the live coverage of all Formula SimRacing races all weekend long live. Click on either Ace, Pro or World Championship to watch the broadcasts live as it happens, or on demand, on Youtube. During the broadcast, why not look at our live timing to follow you favorite drivers? So click here.
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  2. Jernej Simončič

    Jernej Simončič

    Cool photo, my car looks so good in p1 :p
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