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Formula One British Grand Prix | Driver of the Day: Vote Now

Paul Jeffrey

RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief
Voting is open for the RaceDepartment British Grand Prix 'Driver of the Day'.

The first of a Silverstone double header is completed, the chequered flag has been waved, the champagne sprayed and the race reports written and submitted - but one final important thing is left to do - crown the RaceDepartment Formula One Driver of the Day!

Does our race winner take top honours for finishing first amongst the 20 drivers on the grid? Has someone further down the field caught your eye for a stand out performance? Has Silverstone 2020 been a case of best recovery deserves the award, or is it down to out and out performance?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below, and poll above!

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My driver of the day goes to Nico Hulkenberg... oh no. Seriously, my vote is Pierre Gasly: he made a really perfect race (that overtake on T1... :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:). Loved his race, if Red Bull needs right now performances they need to do a really difficult choice. Good race the Grosjean one aswell, didn't get the move of putting hards on the end.


Yes very entertaining indeed!
last laps was insane I am still confused to why RedBul pitted they could have stole the show,
but never witnessed a ending like this... :geek: :D:D
I voted Ricciardo, because seriously, his race was incredible and he finished 4th in the end, with some great battles. I would've voted for Ocon or Gasly for their progression and great overtakes, or maybe Leclerc because he made it to podium with that awful car, and that takes ungodly skills. I'll admit that as a French/Italian, this race made my day :D

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verstappen did very well, Leclerc did very well too, Sainz did well, Gasly (cocorico !) did very-very well too, Ricciardo too ....and you know what , even giovinazzi did a great race (at one moment)
...was thinking...only Stroll, grosjean, raikkonen and Albon were bad (Vettel maybe ? but his week end was so "strange", I just dont want to blame him)
I voted Sainz, randomly ;) I probably should have voted gasly
Yes very entertaining indeed!
last laps was insane I am still confused to why RedBul pitted they could have stole the show,
but never witnessed a ending like this... :geek: :D:D
You really can't blame RBR too much.
The pitstop was there for the taking over Charles... with the possibility of getting the fastest lap.
That is...until the tires started to let go.
Max probably thought 'there is no way in hell I'm going to get remotely close to those Mercs. I might as well put some fresh rubber on an add an extra point to third place.'
Hindsight is 20/20.
I can't really fault them for the decision.
Could Nico have any worst luck?
I'd hate to be anywhere near this guy in a lightening storm.
He has got to be one of...if not the most unlucky driver ever to sit in an F1 cockpit.


well,lewis had to drive the whole last lap on 3 wheels,being fast enough to keep p1 and don't going off track.
i think this is massive talent.

max,leclerc sainz did a very good race,ricciardo too.
and we have not to forget a great race by gasly.
See that braking and lockup into the 3rd to last corner ?
even with a puncture he nailed the apex guys a wonder makes me proud to be British :geek: :D:D:D