Formula F2 @ Nazareth Speedway (Oval) - Wed 21st May

Jan 7, 2013
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Event Details:
Car: ISI Chevrolet Camaro Download (Monday)
ISI FIA Formula 2 Download (Wednesday)
Nazareth Speedway Download
MOD: download on server

Weather: Sunny
Road condition: Rubber on track were possible
Tyre wear: Normal
Mechanical failure: Time scaled

Practice: 19:00 GMT
Qualifying: 19:30 GMT 10 min
Warm up: 19:40 GMT - 5 minutes
Race: 19:45 GMT - formation lap + 30 minutes [rolling start]

Flag Rules: Full course yellow with safety car.

If an incident happens the yellow flag is show: Do not overtake and slow down!

If the yellow flag flashes = Full course caution!!!
- Do not overtake and slow down a lot and drive in single file.
- Safety car will come out of the pit when the leader crosses the start/finish line.
- it's possible that the leader overtakes the safety car exiting the pit ==> slow down more and let the safety car pass before the end of the lap.
- The pit remains open all the time: Make use off this to change tires and or repair car
- Formation laps: 2-4 laps
- Restart: Single file

During full course yellow: read the instructions in the text box
Use the "TAB" key
to display the drivers names so you know who to follow.

Racedepartment Calendar: Click here
Server password: Click here
Racing rules: Click here
Clock GMT: Click here

Sign up list :
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