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Formula E in Moscow this year?

Discussion in 'Motorsports' started by Jordan Adcock, Feb 2, 2015.

  1. Jordan Adcock

    Jordan Adcock

    A possible Moscow ePrix could be a very late addition to the 2014-15 Formula E calendar, to be scheduled in-between the upcoming European rounds.

    Current-E reported on this rumour and asked the Formula E Teams’ Association (FETA) for comment. Though they didn’t directly address the possibility of a Moscow race, they said “any changes to the calendar that increase the territories where Formula E takes place should be encouraged, and are seen as positive by the teams and their partners. The teams welcome the continued interest from worldwide destinations.”

    Alejandro Agag has made it clear he’s been looking for replacement hosts after several cities, including Rome, Hong Kong and Rio de Janeiro, all had to drop out for various reasons. Considering the series’ final round(s) is in London on the weekend of 27th June, it’s unlikely a race would take place after that due to overstretching the commitment needed from the teams and drivers for what was supposed to be partly an “off-season” series. But if it were to come before London and after Berlin as Current-E believes, would the logistical challenges of getting the circuit approved by authorities and then built in time, not to mention the teams having to reschedule for it, be too much to overcome? Then again, the Russian capital has successfully hosted its City Racing festivals since 2008, so it’s no stranger to street events. And a run of Formula E races within weeks of each other (Monaco-Berlin-Moscow-London throughout May and June) would be a good change from the two-month break we have between Buenos Aires in January and Miami in March. It’ll be interesting to see if this happens or not.
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  2. Peter Stokman

    Peter Stokman

    No f1 or wht ever in russia mafia country