Formula Armaroli @ Fuji 1990 - Wed April 21st 2010

Stumbled in rF lobby looking for a race or 2 and noticed the server for this and dropped in by to be nosey and enjoyed the combo....away well from 5th and ended up coming out of T1 in 2nd behind Nicholas :O,kept a bit of pressure on where possible until he suddenly checked up ahead of me!,just as i was about to slam in to the back of his car,he disappeared from screen and then dropped shortly after :(,in the lead with Muhamed chasing well in 2nd,my straight line speed saved me every lap,then i notice a car just around the start/finish line off the track on the left with a bit of smoke and fuss too,so i go over to the right side,but i notice this car is now driving squarely across the track!!,on the long long straight remember,just sort of at the start/finish line area yea?,so im at full flat-chat speed,i keep swerving even more to the right hoping the at least hear me if not see me approaching??...but nope,the timing was perfect for a full speed side on impact,the car kept all 4 wheels on somehow,i dont think the physics could even calculate what when on there properly :p,anyway the car just didnt turn at all now and my heart honestly wasnt in being there anymore.........i leave astounded/baffled/confused.....

Thank You Ivo & RD
mod feels awesome.
grats for Barry for the victory.
too bad the 1 hour race was a bit too long for these cars. i saved fuel last 15mins, putting on neutral at half point of straights latest etc and
no go. didnt push at start either so hmm... on good side meds lasted whole race.
people need to tune brain for formula on this one. every hit is race over, or at least will drop lap times so that there is no chance to compete.
YEA first race and it's a win awesome race .i was saving the fuel from lap 20 with everyone crashing and dropping out it came down to two of us for the last 15 laps Toni had to slow down and i had to get a lap back. with 4 or 5 laps left we were together again and there was a little bit of a fight but he had nothing in the tank so i finished first one lap ahead and with nothing in the tank and did the hole race on softs the tyres were all red at the end anyway toni would've won it if it was a bit shorter hard luck there Toni bring on next week :D
Well, that was a somewhat chaotic race. It was somewhat disappointing that 1 hour was too much for these cars, on a full tank, that it turned into an economy run. Congratulations to Barry who managed to eek his car over the finish line, the only one to do so.

My crude little setup, which only consisted of some aero tweaks, gear ratios, tyre pressures, and a slight spring rate and damper change managed to net me a high 1:13 in qualifying but that was only good enough for 7th on the grid. I felt comfortable with the car, as I had turned up the caster so that I could feel what the car was doing, even on high fuel loads, and it felt alright on the warmup.

Come the start, I forgot to put the car in 1st gear and even when I did get it into gear, I nearly spun out. I was 8th/9th around the first lap and caught up the stragglers coming onto the back straight but I ploughed into someone and that wrecked my race, losing my front wing, rear wing and damaging the suspension gravely. I did manage to limp the car to the pits and it got repaired somewhat but front left suspension was still damaged, and it would overheat badly, reaching a peak of 140 degs C!

Heavy braking was hard as the car would weave and pull to the left too but did drag a 1:18 lap out of it and ran for about 20 laps total until I ran wide on a fast left hander, and smashed into the tyres and the engine stopped, ending my race but 4th place was mine. I was a spectator for the rest, watching the duel between Toni and Barry, watching Barry catch up Toni and managing to get himself over the line.

Next time for anyone running a Formula Armaroli race, 40-45 mins will be the probable time limit that should be recommended based upon my experience of this race.

Lee Palmer

Ill keep this simple. Had a good qualifying came 3rd however didn't have a clean run :(.

Had a poor race ran a bit wide out of the finale turn and then had to hold it off line or I would of hit whoever was up inside, then dropped it on kerbs (sorry for whoever that was who ran into me when spinning). Pitted had a wheel that now sat at a 45 degree angle, was slow but was determined to try and continue however this was a stupid decision now Im not in the heat of the race, couldnt hold the thing straight kept weaving by itself and then dropped it half way down pit straight straight into Garry for which I can only appologuize, I really am sorry for that.
I think these cars are fantastic and would like to see them again hopefully with a bigger grid,i think im known around here as probably not the best open wheeler driver and tend to avoid them,but these things feel perfect and are well worth downloading and give them a try.
You guys wanna run this mod again next week or do you guys want to go back to the normal races with the F193? :)
I would like to race again with this mod, but the races will have to be shorter due to the fuel tank and/or allow refuelling (although that wouldn't be realistic)
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