EU Formula Abarth@ Spa Mon Nov 3rd!


Jan 4, 2009

lets have some open wheel action. Best get that pit strategy thought out!

Server: #2
Max servers: 2
Max number of participants: 46 (excluding Race Directors)
Cars: Formula Abarth
Track: Spa

Check your clocks!

Booking: 18:30 GMT
Qualifying: 19:30 GMT
Race: 20:30 GMT
Race distance: 15 laps
Estimated end of event: 21.15 GMT

Participation requires a license: click here
Racing Club rules and License info: click here
Teamspeak password: click here
Teamspeak installation guide: click here

||| It is imperative that you give back the position,
if you make contact and disadvantage another driver.
If proven, noncomplience will result in a 30 day license suspension.


This event

    • Time of day - 12:00h.
    • Mandatory Pit Stop, when and what tyres.....up 2 you!
    • Standing Race Start.
    • Minimal number of participants - 5.
    • Disabled grip dynamics.
    • Enabled Penalties.
    • 100% tyre degadation.
    • 30% mechanical damage.
    • 100% fuel consumption.
    • Factory setting for ABS.
    • Factory setting for TC.
    • Disabled Stability Control.
    • Enabled Auto-Clutch.
    • Teamspeak is mandatory.
In general

    • Server will be up, close to or at 18:00 GMT.
    • Booking starts at 18:30 GMT.
    • Sign up window closes at 17:30 GMT sharp.
    • Sign out before 17:30 GMT, if you don't know for certain you can participate in this event or can't book in time.
    • Passwords are sent via private message before or at 18:30 GMT.
    • Call out on teamspeak to inform slower cars they are about to be lapped.
    • Make a new post for a better overview, if you do need to sign out.
    • To ensure a level playing field, set the ambient temperature to the default 26°C -
    • If anything goes wrong with the server, please leave here a message immediately.
    • Our racing clubs are foremost meant to gain online experience - this is not a league race. It's not about the results, it is meant to be fun.
    • Priority access: if the number of sign-ups exceeds the max number of participants, premium members are going to be given priority access for this event.
Entry list
Server 1

1. Simon Knight.

2. Michael Owens
3.Boby Kim
4.Ricardo Umans
5.Olivier Boissel
6.Nathan Pearce
7.Grzesiek Zabielski

8.Kristoffer Somby
9.Peter Hartz
10.Christian Lozanov
11.Michael Carver
12.Geoffroy Tassenoy
13.Krisztián Tóth
14.Conrad Miller
15.Deyan Georgiev
16.Nathaniel Dwayne Hale
17.Morne Du Plooy
18.Henri Sinik
19.Rob Michael Williams
20.Dave Stephenson


Server 2

1.Akis Kevrekidis

2.Marc Brockmeyer
3.Falko Renner
4.Stephen Sekhon
5.Ralf Ääro
6.Sam Moss
8.Phil Bedford
9.John Addison
10.Barney Fox
11.Tobbe Bergman
12.Andrey Varlamov
13.Shaun Brown
14.Aleksander Pienkowski
15.Kevin Hagendoorn

16.Andrej Svajger
17.Giorgos Martiou
18.Mathias André

19.Adria Perez
20.Stelios Fevgatos
21.Craig Parkes


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