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2 Things @Esotic :
1) The colors are just plain, not even stripes or whatever on it. You might want to start working on such things to attract more downloaders.
2) Add a file: to color the head protector which is currently full white


Thanks for the feedback. I was mostly trying to add some variety to what feels like a sparse set of default skins. I'll see what I can do about creating some skins with more character.



Esotic updated Formula Abarth Skin Pack with a new update entry:

36 Skins for the Formula Abarth

The skins in this pack were created using my automation techniques described in this thread:

All the skins have numbers and matching helmets. The icons will tell you which colors are included on the skin.

This screenshot should give you an idea of the colors included in the pack.

The directory names in this pack have been renamed from before to...
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