EU Formula Abarth @ Donington National - Sat 21 June 2014

Bram Hengeveld

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Dec 26, 2006

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Special Notes:
  • Book your slots in time from 18:00 GMT onwards which leaves you with a 60 minute time frame to complete your booking on the server. If you can't book in time make sure to sign out before 17:00 GMT so your spot can go to somebody else.
  • Passwords are sent via private message on the forums before the booking starts
Cars: Formula Abarth
Add-on Track: Donington National download here

Booking: 18:00 GMT
Qualifying: 19:00 GMT
Race: 20:00 GMT (25 laps)

Racing Club Rules: click here
Teamspeak Password:
click here
Teamspeak Installation Guide: click here

Let's fill up the grid! You can ask other drivers to race with you by using the tag function of the forum. Just type an @ directly followed by the user name and this person will receive a notification. Example @RaceDepartment

Our racing clubs are foremost meant to gain online experience so please help other drivers out when they have questions about the event, the car, the track, the setup or a combination. This is not a league race, it's not about who wins, it's for some fun, so please join us on TeamSpeak and build a little community spirit! The more fun we make it, the more inclined people will be to join in and make the grids bigger.

Priority access
In case of a large amount of sign-ups premium members are given priority access to enter this event.

Entry List Server
  1. Ricardo Umans
  2. Frank van Oeveren
  3. Andrej Svajger
  4. Dave Begley
  5. Michael Burke
  6. Jason Semerau
  7. Ollie Aina
  8. Rami Obaid
  9. Blake Courtney
  10. Fernando Deutsch
  11. Rich Davis
  12. Gary Lennon
  13. Ömer Köse
  14. Jose Martínez
  15. Vacant
  16. Vacant
  17. Vacant
  18. Vacant
  19. Vacant
  20. Vacant
  21. Vacant
  22. Vacant
UTP 15, 28 RW
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Nov 13, 2010
I would like to be part of this race.


RaceDepartment Administrator
Oct 9, 2010
Just to show you guys how great this combo is. Also a note, this is the first time I drive this track and I barely have driven the Formula Abarth so don't mind the driving, just watch the fun and sign up!


Host of The Trackside Experience
Dec 5, 2010
Just to show you guys how great this combo is. Also a note, this is the first time I drive this track and I barely have driven the Formula Abarth so don't mind the driving, just watch the fun and sign up!

Nice Drift!

Looks fun!! I'm in!! Sign me up!!! PLEASE.
Feb 28, 2013
Sorry but i dont understand.

Your license has been revoked for 30 days as you know, and therefor you need to reaplly.

When you are licensed it shows under your username.

Hi @@Benjamin Hellmann

Your application has been approved. Welcome to the racing side of RD!

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Being a Licensed Member you are accountable for your actions on the track. All members are expected to be able to drive cleanly at all times. If you're not confident then just ask someone if they would mind helping you out, as someone will be glad to.

Please keep the Server Password to yourself, and do not spread it outside of RaceDepartment or post it anywhere in the forums. Doing so will result in the immediate and permanent termination of your membership.

The next step is grabbing the password and reading procedures by clicking here! After reading the outlines we hope you will join us soon for a club race or as a driver in one of our top quality racing leagues.

See you on track soon and if you have any questions please ask them as that is what a forum is for.