SGP Formula 3 @ Mugello - Wednesday 3th March 2021

Justin Klerk


Welcome to the RD Racing Club. This week we are racing in Formula 3 car of RSR and you are invited to join!

All premium members can sign up for this event and we have unlimited slots available so make sure to bring a friend to this race. This event will take place on the newly developed platform Simracing.GP and it's extremely easy to join!

Event Details

  • Cars: RSR Formula 3
  • Track: Mugello
  • 19:00 UTC | Practice (15 minutes)
  • 19:15 UTC | Qualification (15 minutes)
  • 19:30 UTC | Race (45 minutes)
Register your car for this event

  1. If you do not have access to the RD community on Simracing.GP yet please send Bram Hengeveld a private message including your email address so I can send you a direct invite.
  2. Got access? Click here and register your car for this and other racing club events
  3. Please leave a post below when you are joining the race and it's always great to tag a friend so they are aware you are racing.
Useful links

  1. RaceDepartment on Simracing.GP
  2. RaceDepartment Club Regulations
  3. RaceDepartment Discord
See you on track!
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