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Skins Formula 1 Nations Cup Skinpack 12.0

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deudonils updated Formula 1 Nations Cup Skinpack with a new update entry:

Formula 1 Nations Cup 11.0

Important update!

I recommend deleting the old files and completely reinstalling the skinpack.

I have decided to take a different direction with this project in the future. From now on the skins will be generic and I won't be setting a driver lineup for each team. You can now choose your drivers yourself, and I now have more freedom when it comes to creating new skins, as I don't have to worry about finding suitable drivers, numbers and helmets. It is also a lot more organized and...

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Love this!

Dennis Hauger (F3 Driver)
Dennis Olsen (WEC driver)

Petter Solberg (retired WRC world champion)
Oliver Solberg (WRC driver)
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