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Formula 1: Ferrari not involved in Mercedes legal case

Thomas Hinss

Aussie Commentator and Writer
Sep 15, 2014
More information has been released regarding the legal case against a Mercedes engineer who is alleged to have stolen confidential information from the team.

Investigations being carried out by the Mercedes team suggest that none of the information alleged to be stolen by engineer Benjamin Hoyle was transferred to the rival Ferrari team, reported Autosport.

These new details on the case come after it was revealed last week that Mercedes was taking legal action against Hoyle before he made a planned new-year move to the Ferrari team. However Mercedes have made it clear that they believe none of the information made its way to Ferrari, also adding that they believe the Prancing Horse had no involvement in the case.

"The investigation has shown no reason to believe that information has been transferred to Ferrari nor have any of the court documents made any allegation regarding any inappropriate conduct by Ferrari," said Mercedes in a statement.​

The world champion team also said they planned to continue with their legal proceedings against Hoyle, predicting it will take two to four months for the information to be retrieved.

"There are on-going internal investigations, regarding confidential information being removed from Mercedes by Mr Hoyle, in order to protect against potential damage to both Mercedes and any company which could potentially receive such information. Mercedes will continue with these investigations until it can conclude that all the confidential information is recovered, which is anticipated to take a further two-four months.

"Mercedes will continue to protect its interests, including carrying on legal proceedings against Mr Hoyle, and continue to protect against potential inappropriate transfer of confidential information within the motorsport industry."​

On Monday when speaking of the engineer in the ongoing case, Ferrari president Sergio Marchionne said,

"He has not been recruited yet. There was an English lawyer who tried to do some sort of leaks, but there is no case, no situation. This person isn't even recruited yet so really this is something about nothing."
This saga comes off the back of a record breaking year for Mercedes, and a much improved in form Ferrari who are looking to take the title fight to Mercedes in 2016 and beyond.
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