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Formula 1 drop engine token system for 2017

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Jack Hunsley, Feb 4, 2016.

  1. Jack Hunsley

    Jack Hunsley

    Renault's Managing Director, Cyril Abiteboul, has revealed that Formula 1 intends to drop it's controversial engine token system for the 2017 season.

    The current rule set was introduced prior to the 2015 season after Ferrari and Renault highlighted a loophole in the regulations in an attempt to regain the ground lost to Mercedes at the start of the new V6 turbo era.

    However, the poor performance of Honda's new engine, alongside a very unreliable Renault package has drawn in much criticism after some drivers were forced to take grid penalties exceeding 100 grid slots.

    On the reason behind the intended change Abiteboul cited a 'need (for) the performance of the (engines) to converge', as well a desire to 'stop the public being confused between the penalty system'.

    As it stands the token system will remain for 2016, with teams having being given 32 tokens to use for the duration of the campaign.
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  2. El-ahrairah

    Prince with a thousand enemies Premium

    First actual good idea that has come from the strategy group in recent history.

    People on reddit predict this will widen the gap between manufacturer and customer... pasting my response...

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  3. Jonas Bögemann

    Jonas Bögemann

    It's the only fair way though...
  4. paracletus


    Still time to drop it for 2016. Rather poor, it is.
  5. Ho3n3r


    Wasn't properly thought through in the first place. What did they expect would motivate engine makers to come to F1 if they see the new boys have no chance, or if they fall back they're screwed forever like Renault?

    They should have made the first 2 years open, and then close it up, and then for every new engine manufacturer should get 2 free years to develop if they haven't been in F1 since 2014.

    That way everyone will have had time to eek out flaws, and it would be the same for everyone, and then every new manufacturer won't be playing catch-up forever and stay behind.

    Nonetheless, I can see Toto throwing a massive spanner in the way, saying "this is not what we agreed to" and threatening their F1 future etc.
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  6. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief Staff Premium

    He looks (a bit) like Alain Menu
  7. Chris

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Perhaps more importantly than the development tokens, an agreement has been made with Pirelli to get rid of these designed to degrade tyres for 2017 :D

    That's made my day :)
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  8. Azfalt Raser

    Azfalt Raser


    As continued in further coverage : from an unnamed source.
    Local business owners servicing F1 clients have expressed dismay and face a bleak outlook for the 2017 season and onward. Currently, any unused tokens can be exchanged for services at the local red light district, where a significant number of blown motors are regular occurrences.
    "Gentleman! Start your engines.":whistling:

    Billions of dollars made and spent on this sport, the epitome of high technology and ultimately they use something called a token system. :cautious: I would have expected something like that at the Kentucky Derby. :D
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  9. 4 8 15 16 23 42 108

    4 8 15 16 23 42 108
    Only the 5th-most famous race driver from Kerpen

    I wonder why WEC doesn't have all these huge problems, better sports, lower entrance fees, road-derivable cars. But 2017 will be good then without these tokens. That will improve everything massively.:unsure:
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  10. fortyfivekev


    Good news but it is always so irritating with F1 that even for something obvious and easy to change like this we must wait at least a season to see it implemented. How many more fans will stop watching this year bored with only Mercedes and occassionally Ferrari being competitive? I understand why changing the tyres takes time as they must design and test them but these tokens could have been zapped tomorrow.
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