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Former FSR driver, iRacing Champion looking for test ride

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Chris Hannigan, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. Chris Hannigan

    Chris Hannigan

    Hi guys,

    I'm looking for a testing opportunity in FSR for the remainder of this season. I'm exploring the idea of a full out return to the series next season, but first I need to get refamiliarized with FSR's vehicles and rFactor in general.

    In the past I was signed as a testing/formula pro driver for Twister Racing back in 2008, and I competed I believe around 7-8 FSR events. I think I had somewhere around 4 or 5 top 5's in those races using extremely crude equipment, which eventually forced me out of FSR racing in mid-2008 (the computer just could not keep up on race day). I jumped to iRacing at that time doing what I could, and finally in 2010 I upgraded my hardware to fully support racing simulations, and my results reflected it.

    I don't recall my stats from FSR in the past. Like I said I think I had 4-5 top 5's in 7-8 races, but here are some numbers from iRacing using the new hardware...

    2010: 95 starts, 40 wins, 72 top 5's
    2011: 58 starts, 22 wins, 50 top 5's
    2012: 9 starts, 4 wins, 7 top 5's

    As you can see, 2012 in iRacing has been kinda slow for me. This is mainly due to the fact I hate their new tire model, and the other bugs with the simulation have finally drove me away from it.

    I had a great time with Twister Racing and FSR in 2008, and I think I'm ready to give it another go. I'm guessing that after some testing I would be a good fit for the current World Series league, but only testing can determine how fast I really am. You have to remember, I haven't used rFactor in 4 years. :D

    Yes I can download the mod and test by myself, but I'm looking for the backing of a team to help with some baseline setups and feedback.

    So, anyone out there want to give me a shot?

    Email - djtripp20@gmail.com

    Chris Hannigan