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Ford XB Pursuit Special Redline Skin

Skins Ford XB Pursuit Special Redline Skin 1.0

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BigJeffrey submitted a new resource:

Ford XB Pursuit Special Redline Skin - This is a skin inspired by Sweet JP's Trans-Am from the animated movie Redline

This is a skin I whipped up for the XB Pursuit Special from Mad Max made to loosely resemble Sweet JP's Pontiac Trans-Am from the excellent animated movie, Redline. I know it doesn't look 100% accurate because this is the first skin I've made for AC, but I hope you guys and gals like it. If you haven't seen the movie, I highly recommend it. It's a fun sci-fi racing romp that asks the question "What if we turned the podracing from Star Wars into an hour and-a-half long orgy of...

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Hi, I downloaded this car and skin but when I go to drive I get an error and the Content Manager says I'm missing DLC. Please any help would be great cause I'm new to the game and a bit lost. Cheers

BTW Nice Skin
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