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Ford Mustang GT 5.0 - Gerd Ruch Motorsport DTM 1992

Skins Ford Mustang GT 5.0 - Gerd Ruch Motorsport DTM 1992 1.1

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clemenskaa submitted a new resource:

Ford Mustang GT 5.0 - Gerd Ruch Motorsport DTM 1992 - Two liveries of the 1992 DTM season for the Ford Mustang GT 5.0 (Tommy78).

Two liveries for the Ford Mustang GT 5.0 by Tommy78.

The Mustangs run by Gerd Ruch Motorsport in the 1992 DTM season had not the most exciting liveries but the cars and its drivers were iconic and belonged to the most beloved entries. These American muscle cars were the underdogs battling against all odds with the German touring cars run by the works teams of BMW, Mercedes, and Audi that turned into more sophisticated racing machines with every evolution step.

I should note that the decals...

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Thanks for the skins!

Sorta related, how is the current version of Tommy's cars? As you may know I made replacement physics for the earlier version (which used Kunos F40 on all of them :cautious:), but noticed that Tommy did custom new suspension for them all with the release of his own E30). I didn't really test them much and just kept using my "own" version.

I read somewhere that you made replacement physics but I yet have to try them for comparison.

About the physics of the cars: to be honest I don't drive them much. I mainly use the Audi and the Mustang as grid fillers and drive the Kunos cars myself. Each car drives differently though, so they should have their own physics now. However, I find them hard to predict and I would say that I can consistently lap the Kunos DTM cars. The Tommy78 cars have lots of grip till they abruptly lose all of it (might be kind of realistic for the Mustang).

Another thing about these cars is the sound. They are too loud compared to Kunos cars and even the pack is not on the same level.

Still the best we got so far ... although there was another mod of the Audi V8 it seens but I don't know what happend to this car, because I was not active at the time.



yeah I got the feeling he sorta modeled the new physics after mine, but without directly copying them. Each car now had on first glance at least the right suspension type, but without much knowledge or care. The Opel must have a hell of bumpsteer on the trailing arm rear as the tie rod is positioned wrong, and his E30 had some sort of "forward facing" trailing arms on the front as Tommy misinterpreted an undercarriage photo he worked off. We had some email back and forth but he did not approach my concerns.
Which is all sad as the models are pretty great.
That's true. His models are fine and it is quite a lot of work for one person. Maybe there are some fixes coming in the future. In the mean time I will try your physics.

In any way, I am really happy that we got a more or less complette grid of 1991 and 1992 as well as lot of tracks of the era in AC. I still remember racing Nürburgring GP with the M3 back in early access ... nice to see what Kunos and the community added since those days.
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