Ford Capri Team Würth-Kraus-Zakspeed Skin Pack DRM Revival (Marod Aero)

Skins Ford Capri Team Würth-Kraus-Zakspeed Skin Pack DRM Revival (Marod Aero) 1.0

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Harry Eichler

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Jun 16, 2017
Harry Eichler submitted a new resource:

Ford Capri Team Würth-Kraus-Zakspeed Skin Pack DRM Revival (DRM Aero) - Ford Capri Team Würth-Kraus-Zakspeed

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This skin pack has 2 skins of the Ford Capri Team Würth-Kraus-Zakspeed. Klaus Ludwig is probobly the most well known driver to have driven this car. This car is powered by a 1.5L Straight 4 turbo that produces 495 hp.
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Drop the content folder into your Assetto Corsa folder
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Oct 29, 2015
Nice skins. Wow! Thank you.

The Zakspeed had a 1.5 litre engine? Is that really right?
OT: The one in the DRM pack is the Div I with 1.7L and near 600hp with the later body work (narrow rear spoiler), for which the #1 black livery in 80' is "correct". The 81' (overall) winner car that wore Ludwig's #2 white livery was OTH the more reliable but a bit slower Div II with 1.4L, under 500hp, significant less weight, that isn't on the pack.

Skins look great! Looking at the previews, one detail that could be improved is slightly distorting some decals to counter the UV mapping's own distortion, like the H on the BOSCH decals in the front frender, or the second "l" (L) on the Shell bellow that. It's the kind of small stuff that is only done right at the end and is quite time expensive, but greatly improves a livery. Car numbers could also be improved, on the sides they seem to be smaller and bolder in real liveries.
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