EU Ford '34 coupe @ Vallelunga - Monday 10 Feb 2020

Craig Dunkley

Jun 9, 2013

This is going to be FUN FUN FUN.. In testing I had a HUGE smile on my face. Do you like to drift? do you like going sideways..yes? then this is your car. Get on the practice server, you will surely fall in love, another superb mod for AC, we are so lucky to have such talented people around. The track, one of the best from Kunos.


Eligibility: You must be a [PREMIUM] member. You must also be using your FULL REAL NAME in any of the RD servers, on Teamspeak, in Assetto Corsa and on your forum profile. Painful I know, but it is the only way of knowing who you are (on the servers)

Server and Teamspeak Password: [click here]
Handy guide to setup teamspeak: [click here]
Handy guide to install non AC content: [click here]

Incident Reporting: [click here]
Racing Club Rules: [click here]

Server: EU 34 #05

Car: Legends Cars Mod 1.0 [Download]

Track: Vallelunga (Default Content)
Layout: Vallelunga
Track Temps: 29c
Track Condition: Clear

Schedule (EU): Monday 10 February 2020
Official practice: 20:00 UTC (20 minutes)
20:20 UTC (20 minutes)
Race 1:
20:40 UTC (25 minutes)
Mini Break:
21:05 UTC (5 minutes) - Approx
Race 2: 21:10 UTC (25 minutes) - Reverse Top Five

  1. HF2000
  2. Denis Betty
  3. Craig Dunkley #49
  4. Raresch #18
  5. 640er
  6. ears
  7. hape
  8. Medilloni
  9. Axel Moebius
  10. Michael Reib
  11. knemo1972
  12. Tberg
  13. pattikins
  14. Kek700
  15. steen skov Laursen
  16. Enzo Fazzi
  17. Hepsta
  18. wookiemonster


UTP# 46 -DB
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Craig Dunkley

Jun 9, 2013

Are normal treaded road tires cut to camber to the outside edge to prevent tire from tilting over from the body roll and thus gain bit more grip while cornering.This camber cutting also creates special handling to the car as the full tread on the inner edge of the tire makes grip feel loose, but when cornering car leans and the tread thins down to almost a slick and that changes the grip and handling of the tire. This has been really hard to dial in to the mod, but I feel it is a sufficient reproduction of the real thing.

Tire pressures

Should stay hot around 23psi max, maybe less. The higher it gets the more accurate but twitchy the car becomes.

Tire temps

Are ok when they are over 30c. We had to ease this up a bit as assetto corsa tire temp management is less than optimal and you can't have even a simulated warm up lap, which would be needed to heat the tires (and brakes) properly before first corner mayhems.


Craig Dunkley

Jun 9, 2013
Not much of a drifter but then again an opportunity to learn. Sign me up please Craig.
You can keep her on the straight and narrow, you do not have to make her drift..that is what I like about this car's your much drifting will slow you down heaps anyway ..welcome aboard :thumbsup:
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