Force India ordered to pay Caterham $1m

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    Scott Webber

    Force India have been ordered to pay Caterham and Mike Gascoyne £650,000 ($1.05m) in legal costs following a copyright dispute.

    A High Court judge ruled in Caterham's favour earlier this year following a legal dispute launched by the Vijay Mallya owned outfit which had accused the former Team Lotus outfit and Italian aerodynamics specialist Aerolab of copying its intellectual property.

    Caterham and Gascoyne have been awarded £650,000 to cover its legal expenses involved in the case.
    This cost comes on top of a further £700,000 bill for outstanding fees owed to Aerolab, which had been in charge of the intellectual property at the time and has worked with both teams in the past.
    Force India must pay the £650,000 within 14 days.