Force Feedback stopped working on a Logitech DFGT

Discussion in 'Euro Truck Simulator 2' started by PhotonX, Jul 27, 2016.

  1. PhotonX


    Hello community!

    Yesterday I took my good old Logitech Drive Force GT out after it has been lying in a cabinet for a few months. Unfortunately, I had to realize that force feedback has stopped working for some reason. I remember quite well, that the vibration has worked in the past, most probably also the wheel resistance did, but now force feedback seems to be missing completely. In other games (Racer, Grid Autosport) force feedback still works very nicely.

    In the ETS2 settings force feedback is switched on and all effects are set to about 50%, but I also tried to set it to the maximum. Also I tried to roll back to some old version of ETS2 (1.19 to be more specific) hoping that it is a regression introduced by some update, however, in the old version the force feedback is still missing.

    If it matters, I use Arch Linux and therefore the FFB plugin for Logitech wheels, which I read about while searching for a solution, most probably won't work.

    Any ideas about how to further analyze the problem are greatly appreciated!
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