Force feedback pulling toward the racing line

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  1. Nicolas Paradis

    Nicolas Paradis

    Hi guys!

    I'm experiencing a strange behavior since yesterday. I'm playing on PC with a Logitech G27. I started a career last week and completed the first 2 races without any issues. Yesterday, before starting the Bahrain GP, Steam updated my game with patch 1, and I also installed the Database mod (it was unbearable for me to drive in the rain, I don't know if it's only my setup - in F1 2013 I was faster than the AI in the rain - or me just plain sucking at taking it easy on the throttle, but I was 3 seconds a lap slower than my teammate Alonso). Anyway, my rain driving abilities aren't the subject of my question.

    The thing is, I'm now in free practice in Bahrain, and each time I steer away from the racing line (mainly in the straights) the force feedback pulls the wheel toward the racing line. I get a series of shocks like if an invisible person was pulling on my wheel. I checked back just to be sure and all assists are still off. I checked my wheel settings in-game and in the profiler, everything's the same as always. Also, VSync is on. I even tried to force it in the AMD Catalyst software, but with no avail.

    So, does anyone else have this issue? Is it patch related? Or a bug specific to the Bahrain track? Or is it my game that is messed up because I installed the database mod in the middle of a career without starting over?

  2. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
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    There quite a few tracks with these random kicks, especially off the racing line. It's seems to effect the G27's especially, but it probably effects other wheels too. Perhaps it's just because Logitechs are so popular, so you hear about the problems more often.

    The only time I was 'pulled' anywhere, usually harder into the turn, was because of the VSync/FFB issue with the wheel. Once VSync was enabled, the problem was solved.

    The VSync 'fix' doesn't not stop the kicks. I have read that Austria is particularly bad.

    The patch was minimal, and only introduced support for a few other wheels, nothing else.

    I would look through the modding section for an FFB mod, and if there isn't one, try one from the F1 2013 modding section. I am thinking of trying that myself.

    I really doubt it's anything to do with your database mod. You are generally recommended to re-start your season if you do use database mods. However, if your game save doesn't get corrupted after installing a database mod, perhaps it's not always the case that you need to re-start.

    BTW there is a 'No Rain' mod available, which doesn't not involve a database change. However if you are using the mod that I think you may be using, there are other useful tweaks in that mod anyway :)

    No Rain Mod Only

    So after all that, it seems like I took the long way of telling you that I can't really help you :whistling:

  3. Nicolas Paradis

    Nicolas Paradis

    Haha thanks Graham! :) Useful stuff!

    I'll try to stick to the racing line for this track, and see if it happens regularly on other tracks. At least now I know where not to put the efforts to solve the bug: it isn't the patch nor the mod. I'll look for FBB mods also.

  4. Jonathan Rowland

    Jonathan Rowland

    I get this sharp pulling too on my thrustmaster F430. Again vsync did nothing for me either. I also had the occasional issue with 2013. I can remember Abu Dhabi being the most notable.

    Not got to Austria in 2014 yet that's next, but can remember having these kicks in Monaco. If anyone does find a good fix let me know
  5. chessmaster02


    Check that for some reason the Steering Help is on highest. If it is the game will pull you back to the racing line.
  6. Vangelis Parginos

    Vangelis Parginos
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    I have the same problem with my DFGT, vsync on and all assists off... i tried different ffb mods but no change :/
  7. Audren Lavenerable

    Audren Lavenerable

    I got that with my DFP ._. but then it faded away, so I'm good.
  8. Iko Rein

    Iko Rein

    I had this too. I am on GTX 680 and use G27 wheel.

    The whole game was unplayable, e.g. in rain the car would just have like life of its own.

    What fixed it to me was that I went to the 'My F1' and there set all assist to max, exited 'My F1' and then returned to 'My F1' and turned all assists off. I think because I took the initial test, the game still had some of the assist on, although on the 'Controls' menu claimed they were set off.

    Edit: I also have VSYNC on.
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  9. Zzyzx

    Warren Williams Premium

    I have the same problem with my T500RS but so far enabling V-sync has fixed it. My problem was at Monaco but I'm not sure if I've tried Austria yet.