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For those waiting for SP championship

Hi all,
am happily enjoying the game but the lack of DTM 92 (or others) singleplayer championship bugged me, so I ended up coding something that gives you something similar, based on the current game, no mods required.

The open-source project can be found here https://github.com/pixeljetstream/r3e-open-championship

As you do multiple "singlerace" events their results are tracked as championship. A HTML report like the one below is generated (imagine it would append more and more races as you keep racing).



It works as follows
  • A small program tracks edits to "My Games/SimBin.../Results/raceresults.txt" which contains the results of the last race (no matter what kind of race it was). If a race was too short (say < 5 minutes) it is discarded.
  • Based on the content of the file a unique "championship" is created (hash based on starter-field). That means if you choose always the same starter-field config (vehilce class and number of opponents) in your single player race, it shall treat it as a single championship
  • For every completed race, the results are appended to the championship file (a simple text file storing the results for every race) and a HTML file is generated with the current standings, see image above

The championship is open, as none of the settings are really frozen, you can keep going and mix tracks however you want, change AI... It really is just pseudo championship based on your sp races, but it's better than nothing or doing it by paper ;)

A few caveats:
Simply do not run the app if you do races you don't want to track (or toggle the tracker off). If something is accidentally added somewhere you can always manually edit the files and remove the last entry.
Since the tracknames are not stored in the result file (only track lengths), we need a mapping of track lengths to track names, I didn't do this yet (don't own all tracks either), but it shouldn't take long to gather the mapping as community.
The generated html is quite simply so far, no team standings. Just a single "point rule set" is applied to all, so purists who would want dtm 92 to have not the current FIA scoring, would have to edit that part.
Which actually leads me to the next topic, the whole thing is scripted via Lua, so it only takes a text editor to make changes to how it works. Don't like the html generated, easy to change...

I hope it's useful to some of you as we wait for proper championships, and in some points it might be better than the current championships.

Be aware I haven't done thorough testing, especially on the auto tracking bit, but it should be good enough to get things going, looking for feedback.

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Thanks a lot for this!! :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

Here are the rest of the tracks:
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small change in behavior, the app no longer automatically adds the current results at app start to the databases. If you want that, press "check now". Motivation is that some member on this forum was worried about "fun races" being added to the championship accidentally (which would be the case if your last race at the time you start the app was a fun race).
Even if a race was accidently added removal from the database lua file only needs a texteditor and the fileformat is rather "simple".
Independent of this change, the app does prevent adding the same race twice to a database already.