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For the musicians


Czarleeese Baygio
Mar 18, 2007
Hi there folks

Well, being a musician myself, I always wondered wether I was the only one with that particular hobby (or job even) round here.
I thought it would be really cool, if you could give us a little insight in what instrument your playing, if you play in a band, how long you´ve been playing, who your influences are, what style you play and anything related.
(some songs, vids or pics would certainly be appreciated)

Well, I guess than its my turn to start :dance2:

I´m a drummer and have been playing for some 10 years now. I´ve been taught drumming at a small wind orchestra round here. (preserve, round here means some 10 km from the Sachsenring)
I just recently entered a Punk Band and we´ve now been playing together since Summer 2008 and it has been great fun I can tell you.
We aren´t exactly professionals, but playing in front of an audience, who really has a good time is incredibly satisfying.

this is some clip recorded in January (lyrics are german btw)


website: http://www.stickinthehead.de
myspace: http://www.myspace.com/stickinthehead

and for some pics of my kits^^

my particular influences come from dozens of styles, but don´t be surprised, most of them come from the metal scene :bang:
just to name a few: Marco Minnemann, George Kollias, Derek Roddy, Jojo Mayer, Mike Portnoy^^

especially Minnemann is huge, check out this performance with Paul Gilbert :woot2:


cmon fellow musicians, it´s your turn, I know you must be out there

Nick Deeley

Jan 16, 2009
I was a guitarist, still have my guitar, but havent played it for years. Computers and life have overtaken it.

I'm still a big music fan though, with the likes of Dream Theater, Pink Floyd, Rush, Steve Vai, Ayreon, Stratovarius, Van Halen, Threshold, Genesis, Nightwish, Iron Maiden constantly in my playlist, but more of the first 3 than the rest though.

Really need to get back into playing guitar though.


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