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Fonsecker sound mods that sound great in other cars.

After failing miserably to create my own sounds. I began watching videos of the actual cars to see if there were notes in any of their sounds that were in mods I already had, and there were, with some results that surprised and delighted me.

When I put Fonsecker's Ferrari 599xx mod into the Maserati MC12 GT1, the sound that came out was perfect for Lamborghini V12's, so, I put it from that car into the Countach and all the Diablo mods I had. It turned out that his 458 Italia Stage 3 was just right for the F40 and 288 GTO. One that had me stumped was the 512 Testarossa. Once I'd listened to the actual car, I found that Fonsecker's RUF RT12r AWD was perfect, it being a flat engine. I then found that the 911 Carrera S was just great for V8 Lambos, so I put it in my Jalpa's. As long as the note is right, it doesn't matter if it has 6 or 12 cylinders, or at least it doesn't to me.

So, basically, if, like me, you suck at sound mods, have a listen to the actual cars and see if someone has made something that will fit.

Have fun!
No worries, thanks to him I've pretty much been able to update the sounds for the most major brands except maybe for some of the Fords.