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    The unlucky Finn

    Here we are then, Monaco GP has been driven and just positive thoughts about the upcoming Canada race. The Monaco race didn't go well looking at the results, but FFR lived its greatest moments yesterday, when Franz took the 5th place after a few laps from the start, and it was the first time for me to be in G1. However, Franz soon lost his front wing and repeated this twice, loosing positions. A little after the half way of the race his engine blew up. I failed my race as well: Not getting a clean lap in the qualifying, crashing every attempt, ending in the last position on the grid. However, the start went alright, I took some positions after the pile-up in the first corner. Took another position later that lap, but lost it when I crashed in the barrier at high speed, and my race was over, in the first lap. But I tell you, it's not easy to drive safely when you start last in Monaco :)

    But what am I talking about then? We had the greatest moments yet on Monaco, and thus it's not surprising if we had a fairly great result in Canada, as kept in mind we are a newcomer team. What also feeds this eagerness is that Canada is one of my favourite events, and I'm good there, Monaco was definitely not my best show.

    See you in Montreal! :)
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