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Floaty front end.

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Jake Fangio, Jun 8, 2015.

  1. Msportdan


    yep ive pretty much written this title off due to its floaty handling/numb ffb.

    I feel gutted really, as ive tried every setting under the sun ever prescribed on this forum and i cant get away from the feelings mentioned not only here, but by me for the last year or so. I was in total support of this sim when it released and i will still say now, that apart from the ffb, its a great title. I mean its all there to be at the top battling pcars and rf and GSC........It just isnt for me, its below all these.

    I think the devs should really concentrate on this ffb concern before releasing anything else. If it was just me i would say yeah okay personal preference ( not that ffb should be that adjustable imo) and all. But it clearly is a common issue.

    I would like to see both or one of these additions:-
    -minimum steering torque setting. (get some weight rather than a loose feeling wheel)
    -individual damper setting, unconnected to the driver profiler setting. (may return some fake feeling from tyres traction)
    -More tyre scrub/traction loss/traction grip etc from the ffb. You cant feel the car at all in RRe, yuo cant rely on and feedback from what the tyres are doing.

    If these things were fixed or even being looked at, i could be hopeful for rre again. But for now, i have no interest for any DLC, un less the FFB is sorted.

    Sorry S3/jay.

    But this issue has gone on for too long.
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