Flickering textures


Mar 18, 2009
Hi, everyone,

I put up a banner in my track and it flickers as I drive by. I think I've read somewhere about flickering textures, but I can't find the thread. Any idea why that happens?

Edit: for the sake of clarity, I think I should mention that the banner is just a wall with a texture with an advertisement on it. It runs along the top of the pit garages.


A couple of spots on my track have a single flickering terrain polygon in rFactor but in BTB everything looks fine (though I might have missed something), also interested in what causes it.


Mar 16, 2009
when two textures (of the pit building and the banner wall itself) are closer than a couple of centimeters, i guess the gmotor engine tries to render them both. in a tutorial video about road decals, Piddy recomends a minimum of 2cm diffence. in BTB, sometimes if you zoom out and move the view around you can see close textures flicker. that's how i judge if something is too close to something else.

so i guess your banner is pretty flush against your pits? just move it out a few cm and you should be ok.

for terrain, you might investigate moving the terrain anchor points around. you might have a polygon overlap there somewhere.


Mar 23, 2009
Probably there's somewhere any graphic option in any INI file to reduce this issue. I'm saying that because in GTR2, which has the same graphic engine of Rfactor, this flickering problem is much less visible.

I tried one track of mine in RFactor and GTR2 afterwards (exporting through BTB Evo) and I noticed that a flicker wall in RFactor turned nice in GTR2 without any editing.

The primary solution is get the polygons away, moving your banner some centimeters from polygons behind that. But even so, when you see your banner from far away, the flickering could happen again.

This problem is smoothed because when you're driving fast, your eyes are kept on the road, but in replays and external cameras, that's really disgusting.


Mar 30, 2009
I think this can be partially solved by adjusting your graphics card settings. Antialiasing and anisotropic filtering can make things better and those are the obvious settings. Also you could try different mipmap biases and negative lod bias values.

It can be a difference between too sharp and too blurry though. Being too sharp causes flickering and being too blurry, well being too blurry :).