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  1. Alexandre Rideaux

    Alexandre Rideaux

    I've been playing for a bit now, and I haven't seen a single yellow flag come out for any sort of crash. Just did an oval with the Indy cars, and got into a massive pile-up with about 10 cars mangled on track. Nothing. Cars that made it through, just continued as if nothing had happened, and then proceeded to come back around and smash into us again. Settings are at realistic. Is there not a flag system?
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    Most likely 1 of another many bugs or not fully implimented yet.
    Great title and having a blast when it works properly, but it still has alot of work to go
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    Yellow flags do appear but there is no enforcement right now, it serves as a warning that something might be there. For oval racing specifically, there is no whole track yellow like you know from real ovals. They said they didn't want it to slow down the racing, which is fair enough from a certain point of view, but more likely than not, they could not be bothered to implement it properly, or is too hard to enforce.