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Flag rules

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Hans Gunnar Hansen, Aug 19, 2009.

  1. Hans Gunnar Hansen

    Hans Gunnar Hansen

    From what I can see you have the following options for flag rules:
    - None
    - Black Only
    - Full

    When running a league race last night we had it set to "Full", but one driver experienced to get a blue flag in T1 on the first lap, and was given a drive through penalty for not letting the cars behind past. Obviously a serious bug in GTR Evo!

    If we change to Black Only, will the game still show blue flag, but not give a penalty, or will blue flags not be shown at all?

    What about none, will the game then stop showing all flags, and it will not be possible to be disqualified?

    Will changing the flag rules have any effect on penalties for cutting the track?

    I know I could check myself, but I'm at work now, and eager to know. ;)
  2. Lewis Fergusson

    Lewis Fergusson

    None means no penalties whatsoever.
    Don't know about the difference between Black and Full in Evo.
  3. João Andias

    João Andias


    The glitch you describe isn't new, and was here when Evo came out... The patch before this last one completely removed it or reduced it to almost no significance. Unfortunately, like in other client-server connection related glitches ("ghosts" for instances), this old glitch is back with the recent patch.

    The guy getting the blue flag on lap one was placed by the server wrongly in one of the last places, so when he did the 1st lap for the flag system he was being given a lap by higher placed racers behind.

    My advice in this situation would be (or is):

    • Run with black flag only (no blue flags) as in "closed" servers everyone should be aware of the all race situation.
    • Have everyone join the grid between 1 min 45 sec and 30 sec to go. Meaning: no rush joiners (let everyone synchronize first), nor last second joiners as this also creates last sec synchronization problems specially if it done by one of the guys at the front of the grid.
    • Do a small warm-up between the last session that allows people to join the server and the race helps.
    • If by any chance you are playing with “full flag rules” and even with the precautions above someone gets this blue flag glitch on lap 1, after the 2nd warning, let the guy behind go, or else… stop & go :(
    All the above is empirical :wink2:
  4. Hans Gunnar Hansen

    Hans Gunnar Hansen

    Thank you for your answers. :)

    This was our first ever league race with GTR Evo (after using rFactor), so there are quite a few unhappy drivers who got disqualified or ran out of fuel because of various problems.

    We will for sure not use full flag rules for our next race - and hopefulle your tip about when to join the grid will eliminate the blueflag on first lap bug.
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