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Misc Fixing track GP200 that would not start on Assetto Corsa 1.2.x 1.0

No permission to download

André 57

Ty as soon as i saw your post i dloaed it and go to AC to try. GREAT WORK man this one is back.
If you have spare time can you (please) fix Benjamin path and Gunsay touge that are bug too for a while, those tracks start but at some point it seems there is a whole in the tarmac and the car fall into it, i know that it is not the same problem than GP200 but never knows you maybe find a solution.

Anyway thanks again for bring back to life GP200.


I unfortunately can not fix the tracks of other authors at the structural level, partly because it would take their permits and are not able to work with editors of 3D modeling.

I'm sorry

Senel but if there are haughty tracks that do not start on 1.2.4 segnalatemele and see if I can fix it
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